Under-Graduate Program

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering

The four-year evolution of the bachelor’s degree course curriculum aims to prepare students for the design, management, and operation of chemical, biochemical, and polymer plants. The curriculum is periodically revised to reflect the findings of local and global research in the fields of chemical, petroleum, polymer, and metallurgical engineering. Emphasis is placed on factors such as quality management and safety that are changing in my industry’s race environment. For field inspection and hands-on training in the projects of national importance in chemical engineering, industrial training and study tours are routinely scheduled. The students are given tasks covering design and other aspects of chemical engineering and are encouraged to work autonomously. The use of chemical engineering software, computer-assisted problem solving, and the design of machinery and plants are all heavily emphasized by the instructors. Students receive academic advice throughout their undergraduate education. For career and overall wellness, a faculty member is assigned personal tutor for each section. The department has introduced a course on Community Project to inculcate philanthropy among them.

According to the QS Ranking, the Department is ranked 2nd in the Country among all institutes offering Chemical Engineering degrees. The department has dedicated faculty of 19, including 16 PhDs, with research interests in process modeling and simulation, process safety, computational fluid dynamics, water and wastewater treatment, biomass-to-energy technologies, polymers and composite materials, and catalysis. In addition, 4 faculty members are currently abroad for doctoral studies. Yearly intake of students into the Chemical Engineering program is 100. The present strength of the students in the various sessions is given in table.

Course Outline (Semester System)  Click Here to Download Course Outline

Session No. of Students Enrolled No. of Sections
2019 79 2
2020 77 2
2021 92 2
2022 66 2