Research Focus of the Department:
The department is engaged in a number of research projects of industrial and theoretical significance under its postgraduate and faculty research programs in areas such as pollution control, energy management, process development, unit operations, and process simulation, etc. The outcome of research is regularly published in journals of repute and receives recognition from the international community of chemical engineers.
The research directions of the Department can be identified as follows;

S.No. Research Direction Lead person
Industrial Pollution
(Environment + Wastewater)
Prof. Dr. A.R. Saleemi
Gas Engineering Chairman/Acting Chairman on Gas Engineering Chair
Energy Engineering
(Solar + Coal)
Prof. Dr. Shahid Naveed
Process Engineering
(Process Intensification + Control)
Prof. Dr. Shahid Naveed
Dr. Shah Muhammad
Biochemical Engineering (Biofuels + Biosorption + Membrane Separation Processes) Prof. Dr. Nadeem Feroze
Materials Engineering Dr. Hassan Javed Naqvi
Computer Aided Design / Process System Engineering Group
(Modeling + Simulation + Process Safety)
Dr.Ing. Naveed Ramzan

Free software is developed in the Department for estimation of properties of water and steam, STEAMEST. Feedback on the performance of the software tool is desired.
Connecting the Department with Other Organizations:
The Department also offers a variety of advisory and consultancy services to the local industry and entrepreneurs. Some of the areas where the department can render assistance are:

  • Computer aided design and software development
  • Ergonomics of Engineering Projects and waste minimization
  • Industrial pollution monitoring, management and control
  • Feasibility studies of chemical projects
  • Industrial testing, and chemical analysis
  • Energy Engineering

The Department has initiated various research projects in collaboration with multiple Organizations as Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD).
SNGPL Funded Projects:
Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University to support the Chair on Gas Engineering in Chemical Engineering Department, with an annual grant of 2.5 million. A number of research projects have been initiated as listed:

    • Enhancement of Combustion and Thermal Efficiencies of Commercial Water Geyser
    • Solar Heating and Desalination of Water
    • Use of Drag Reducing Agents to increase Throughput of Existing Pipelines
    • Efficiency Enhancement Program for Domestic Gas Burners
    • Coal and Biomass Gasification
    • Biogas Generation using Kitchen Waste
    • Design and Development of Cross Flow Gasifier
    • Preventive Treatments of Condensation Hydrates Formation and Black Powder in Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
    • Effect of Operating Condition on Combustion Characteristics of a CNG Fired IC Engine
    • Insitu Gasification of Coal
    • Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasification
    • Mechanical Thermal Dewatering of Coal
    • Hydrogen Recovery from Synthesis Gas

HEC Funded Projects:
The department is pursuing two research projects with the funding from HEC:

The Project consisted of design and development of basic gasifier facility. For this purpose, a downdraft gasifier with a capacity of 25 kg/hr was designed, fabricated and commissioned in the Department. The allied equipment like scrubber, blower system, recirculation tank, pilot gas burner etc were also designed and fabricated. Test runs were conducted using coal and various biomasses e.g. food waste, MSW, wood, used tyres etc. as feedstock. The generation of the synthesis gas was demonstrated and an electricity generator was operated using this gas. The design and development of continuous feeding system is in hand.

Design & Development of Low Cost Synthesis Gas Generation Using Renewable Solid Residues: (Project Funding: 2.0 Million)

In Situ Gasification of Coal: (Project Funding: 3.067 Million)

As a first step towards the completion of the project, an experimental facility has been developed on the pattern of CRIP technology. It consists of a cylindrical horizontal reactor with provision of two production wells, two compressed air injection wells, 2 steam injection wells and a pilot ignition in the coal bed. A steam generator, a compressor, a scrubber, an ID fan and a flare system has been installed. Thermocouples and pressure gauges have been installed at various points for critical measurements. The test rig was operated with a variety of coal samples and the flare was ignited. The detailed analysis of coal was done and synthesis gas was produced under various flow and combustion conditions.

EPD Funded Project: (Project Funding: 2.5 Million)

Research Groups
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